80:8 can do so much for you, your band and your career that it’s difficult to get it all on one page – but we’ll give it a go. At the moment we can provide inventive and fabulous quality images and video, but coming soon we’ll be able to deliver everything a band needs.


80:8 Can help you and your band GET NOTICED.

We can produce high quality photography and graphics suitable for all types of promotional work. Not only that we listen to you, listen to your music and get to know you. Only then do we pick up the camera and give you something amazing and unique – your own look and your own identity that will drag people in to take a closer look and a closer listen. We can layout flyers, posters, press packs, CD covers, web-art, and liaise with the printing guys so you don’t have to worry about all the CMYK and resolution stuff.

Our photography ranges from state of the art promo work, to the highest quality live shots.

Checkout the galleries and the Recent Work link at the top of the page and see some of our portfolio.


Matt Wilson


80:8 Can make you MOVE.

Need an Electronic Press Pack? Need a live video showing you rocking out and making the crowd roar? Need a high quality HD promo video that doesn’t cost the earth yet still shows the world exactly what you and your music is about? Call 80:8.

Our video’s are all shot in 1080P HD, edited in Apple Pro-Tools and rendered in pristine H-264 and ready for broadcast on all channels from YT HD, to DVD, to web-vids, mobile devices and memory sticks. We can put your video anywhere. Check the Video link for more examples.