Using moving images to promote your business, especially online is the guaranteed way to get your business the exposure it needs and to differentiate yourself from your competitors. 80:8 can put your video exactly where you need it – on your website, your YouTube site, a DVD or glorious HD files projected on a 50 inch display. Still having doubts about why should should you use video marketing? Well, think about the possible uses:

Product Demonstrations

Everyone goes online these days to buy products or services. And it’s great – but the one disadvantage of online over bricks & mortar is how does the customer really see what it is they are considering? So, what better way of showing your prospective customers what your product or service delivers than a real-life demonstration of it in action? 80:8 can shoot beautiful custom made video’s that show your company off at it’s best – mixed with stunning motion graphics featuring your logo and artwork.


We all know how much ‘rating’ sites are used these days. People value the feedback of other customers enormously. So imagine a page on your website that doesn’t just feature static text, but documentary style interviews with your customers telling the world just how fabulous you actually are. 80:8 have been producing short films such as these for many years, we know how to put people at ease, light them wonderfully and produce truly compelling content.

Case Studies

Especially useful if your company has a ‘before’ and ‘after’ business proposition. That old house close to being derelict that you brought beautifully back to life?  Or a service that delivers tangible financial benefits which are easily illustrated in BBC style motion graphics.


Educating your customers on what you can do for them is important, but perhaps even more so internally. Motivating your staff and getting your strategic direction clearly communicated is much easier done in one minute of video. We’ve all read through tedious Powerpoints, company emails and org-charts. You speaking to your team cuts through all that.


Photography for Online or Print

Everyone is a photographer these days and yes, it’s great. But are all photographs the same? It’s easy and apparently cheaper to get the youngster in admin to take a few product shots with his camera and put those on your site or brochure. Now maybe he’s a natural, he could very well be brilliant, but if not then a poor image will speak volumes to your customer. Even worse, you choose some royalty free stock images – a little bland perhaps, but technically excellent….Then you start getting the feeling you’ve seen your image somewhere else….80:8 will give you high quality images that show your customer exactly what and how you deliver – not only that, they will be yours to keep. We won’t use them for any other client.

Border Brides at Night


Tea Promotion


Kerdova Print / Brochure Image


Need a new logo and a bit of colour refresh?


Border Brides / Detail Image for Website