Bands – Promo Music Videos

You have to be seen to be heard

"Last December" : Tasha Blackmore

 The latest video for Tasha Blackmore, a local singer-songwriter from Berwickshire who is heavily influenced by Country & Western singers such as Taylor Swift through to pop music and Katy Perry. This is a kind of Christmas track except there's no sleigh-bells, snow or Santa's.

Filmed on location at Roughting Linn Waterfall in Northumbria on the Blackmagic Cinema Camera.

Due to the intense cold on the day we didn't get as much footage as originally envisaged but despite that it came out very nicely.

Edited: FCP 7

Graded : Magic Bullet Looks and a bit of DaVinci Resolve


"Then I found you" : Jason Kyrone

Not strictly a music video in the sense that it's a live session recorded with two camera's, however, it's just such a beautiful song with an amazingly good vocal take that it just has to be included. One take, perfect vocals and while Mr.Kyrone claims there is a little guitar mistake somewhere, I can't notice it. Filmed in Greenlaw Tower, Scottish Borders and my first go with the completely amazing Blackmagic Cinema Camera. The footage from the BMCC grades like a dream - it really is cinema.

Cameras : Blackmagic Cinema Camera (EF Mount) and Canon XF100

Mics : SE Electronics 2200 (Vocal), Rode NTG-2 (Guitar)

Edited in : FCP 7

Graded : Magic Bullet Looks


"Permanent Memory" : Tasha Blackmore

Shot over the course of half a day at the lovely 'Roulotte Retreat' in Melrose, this is Tasha's first official video release. A simple idea - a journey…Is it a journey across old memories, a journey whose end provides a release? Designed to look a little ethereal and generally gorgeous, even though it was just above freezing all day!

Cameras used : Canon 5DII and a tiny bit of Canon XF100 (for the fire and embers)

Edited : Final Cut Pro 7

Graded : Apple Color & Magic Bullet Looks

Other Stuff used : Glidetrack dolly system & Sachtler Ace Tripod


"Lucky" : Lost In Audio

Video for 'Lucky' by Edinburgh based band Lost In Audio. The idea behind the video was that upon repeated listening, the lyrics are very ambiguous - they could be said by either side of a couple undergoing a relationship breakdown. Added to that is the fact that in such situations, everyone hurts - not just one individual.

Cameras used : Canon XF100 and Canon 5DII

Edited in : Final Cut Pro

Graded in : Magic Bullet Looks

"Scorpion" - Electric Penelope

 A labour of love this one. The idea was show two sides of the 'Scorpion' personality and as always, to chuck a bit of ambiguity in to the mix. The lovely Ms Penelope proved to be a fabulous actress and also a dab hand as a seamstress (yes, she made the gold glittery number!). Filmed on location Berwick-upon-Tweed on a combination of camera's - the Canon 5DII and Canon XF100. Lighting was provided by a set of DedoLights and this was the first video we produced using MagicBullet Looks.



"Parents' Attic" : Easter Street

"Little Black Book" : Jason Kyrone

"M-Cont" : The Warehouse Announcement

"Burning Up" : Lost In Audio

"Wisdom" : Jason Kyrone

"My Walls" : Easter Street