Who We Are

Who’s behind 80 : 8 ? Well, we’ve got creative types, technical types, loud and quiet people, some with ginger hair, some with grey. It’s all a bit of a mix really, check out the profiles here.


Ideas / Sweets / Glitter / Connections / Branding / Crumbs

Favourite Bands : Athlete / Audio Bully’s / Gomez / Disco + Cheese

Stuck for an idea? About anything? Need some branding advice? Call Colleen.




Photography / Videography / Tech / Lighting / Layout

Favourite Bands : Placebo / Biffy / Can / Faust / Pere Ubu / Hawkwind / Van Der Graaf / Alexi Murdoch

Need a photo? Need a video? Need to talk about Mac’s and FCP in a kind of male in-the-shed kinda way? Call Philip.


Musician / Muscles / Songs / Martial Arts / Guitar / Knowledge

Favourite Bands : Nine Inch Nails / Justin Timberlake / Queens of the Stoneage

In band? Need advice? Tricky chorus? What about the bridge? Call Joe.

A few of our favourite things